Mohamed Naser, Product Designer based in Germany.

I started my career in Egypt as a web designer who designs on photoshop, slice, and code. In 2016 I stopped coding to focus on product design and research as I found my passion in focusing on creating eye-catchy usable designs and micro-animations that serve both users and businesses.

Currently working at eyeo, the company behind the popular software Adblock Plus in Cologne, Germany.

The first attempt

I was a Linux user and my first attempt to make the user's life easier was in 2009 on my 256MB RAM machine when I wrote a tiny GUI control panel to make it easy to change the background and the foreground of xterm in Fluxbox window manager.


Let's talk! 

Say Hi, Hallo or مرحبًا. I do speak Arabic, English, and German and I'm interested in talking about product design or cycling 🚴🏻‍♂️  


Also, you can follow my Dribbble, LinkedIn, Medium, or Twitter 

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